2 min readMar 18, 2021

It is past midnight here in India, and the wee hours of the 5th of April can be said to have started.

Epic revelations

Cast a closer look at the numbers. 5–4–2021. In American format, 4–5–2021.

The significance of these numbers is breathtaking.

5+4 is 9.

Stunningly, and in a case of spectacular numerical symmetry, so is 4+5.

Here’s the truly unbelievable part. Prepare to be spooked out.

20 x 21 is 420.

20 represents the most popular format of the most popular sport in this ancient nation. The gentleman’s game. Cricket.

You can hear the crickets chirp as your hair stands on end, in anticipation of the next numerical legerdemain this day has wrought upon us.

The difference between 20 and 21 is -1. That’s OK, that’s normal. But wait, the difference between 4 and 5 is -1. Eerie.

Hey, this is too coincidental to be a coincidence!

The inference is mind-boggling. Keep in mind, this is the 5th day of the fourth month of the 22nd year of the third millennium of the Georgian calendar. If you add all the numbers and keep on adding them, you get 5.

Is there no limit to the universe’s warped sense of humour?

English cricketer Alec Stewart was born on 8–4–63 and he scored 8,463 runs. Avinash was born on 3–4–73 and he scored 0 runs. 7, if you count his 5 matches in the Mathura Shopkeeper’s league when he was 9.

The ramifications of this hypothesis are tremendous and potentially future altering. This day is entirely without significance.